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6 Reasons Why It’s So Hard to Live in the Moment

Sometimes, no matter how good you know it is for you, living in the moment can be tough. In fact, many people struggle to live in the moment no matter how hard they try. The question is, why is it difficult to live in the moment?

Discover 6 reasons you might be finding it so hard to live in the moment below…

1. The mind is a powerful thing

One of the biggest reasons you struggle to stay in the present, is your mind. The brain appears to be hardwired to focus on the past. It often does this to protect itself, trying to stop the same thing happening again.

The trouble is, when you let the mind do its own thing, you’re going to end up stressed out, anxious, and depressed. It is possible to retrain the mind to become more positive. However, it will take time and dedication.

2. You try and multitask

These days, it seems impossible to get through life without multi-tasking. When you are trying to take care of the kids, run a home, stay on top of your career, and stay healthy; multi-tasking becomes a necessity.

Unfortunately, when you are multi-tasking, you aren’t being fully present. You won’t be fully aware of anything you are doing. You definitely don’t live in the moment when you are multi-tasking.

While multi-tasking should absolutely be used in some circumstances, it shouldn’t be your default setting. Even if some things take a little longer, commit to putting all of your energy into completing them before moving to something else.

Live in the moment

3. You suffer with anxiety

Anxiety can make it really difficult to live in the moment. It causes the mind and body to go into “fight or flight” mode. If you suffer with severe anxiety, you may need therapy or medication to help manage to condition. However, if it is mild there are things you can do to manage it yourself.

Getting anxiety under control will help you to live a happier, more present life. You won’t be worried about what could happen. Instead, you’ll appreciate the things around you right now.

It’s almost impossible to live in the moment when you are anxious.

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    4. Fear of uncertainty

    Fear is another common barrier to living in the moment. When you are scared of the unknown, it’s easy to take the safe route. Unfortunately, that often means staying stuck in situations that you aren’t happy in.

    When you let go of fear of uncertainty, you’ll start to live life to the full and see the opportunities it presents.

    5. You can’t control your emotions

    Like the mind, our emotions can also be a powerful thing. If you experience any overwhelming emotion, it can make it difficult to enjoy the present and live in the moment.

    Learning how to control your emotions is one of the toughest, but most effective ways to live more in the moment. Once you learn how to manage them, they will never be able to control you again. So, look at ways to control your emotions and start practicing them today!

    6. You are focusing too much on the end result

    When we are trying to improve our lives, we often get told to focus on our goals.

    Goal setting is important, and it can help us to achieve the things we want. However, if you are too focused on the end result, you’re going to miss out on the here and now.

    Practicing gratitude each day can help you to appreciate the present while also looking to the future. Consider starting a gratitude journal and see why so many people recommend it.

    So, there you have it – 6 reasons it is so hard to live in the moment. The good news is, while it may be difficult, it is possible. You’ll find plenty of tips readily available to help you start living in the moment today.

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