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About Me

Welcome to My World

Hi and welcome to my blog and store.

I am a wife and mom from South Africa.

I have an amazing teenage son that I raised as a single mom for 10 years before I met my husband. We have a beautiful baby girl that came into the world in June 2021.

I was an accountant for 18 years before starting this online store which later turned into a blog about Motherhood and Mental Health.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar in 2018 after being treated for Major Depressive Disorder for most of my adult life. My Bipolar diagnosis changed my life. Finally I got put on the right medication and learnt how to deal with my condition. After years of feeling like I would never have a good day, I started to see the sunshine again. Now most days are better than they used to be and thanks to my amazing therapist, I have the tools to deal with the bad days.

Mental Disease still has so much stigma attached to it. I hope to help people find the help and coping mechanisms they need to have more ‘better days’. Medication and therapy don’t cure it, but after many many years of thinking I was never meant to be happy, I can finally say I have days that I am happy and content and dare I say, even like myself.

If you ever need someone to talk to, please do reach out via email or the contact me page – I’m not a professional, but I can listen, and I know better than anyone, sometimes it’s all you need on a bad day when it feels like no one in the world understands what you feel like.