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10 Ways to Enjoy Life & Live in the Moment

If you’re looking to start enjoying life and living in the moment, there are lots of things that can help. It may take a while to untrain a worrying mind, but with perseverance and dedication, it’s totally doable.

Here, we’ll look at 10 ways to enjoy life and live in the moment you can follow right now…

1. Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude is one of the best ways to enjoy life and live in the moment. It has been shown through numerous studies to make you significantly happier after just 21 days. It’s one of the best tools you can use to develop a more positive mindset.

Practicing gratitude can be as simple as writing a list of 3-5 things you are grateful for each day.

2. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about living in the present. So, if you want to embrace life and live in the moment, you’re going to want to practice the numerous mindfulness techniques available.

Mindfulness involves anything that brings you attention fully in the present such as meditation, yoga, and deep breathing.

3. Switch off technology

You’ll be amazed how much happier you feel if you switch off technology for at least an hour each day. It’s easy to get distracted by our smartphones and social media. As beneficial as it can be, constant use of technology can cause us to become unhappy.

4. Make small changes

When you’re trying to make any changes in your life, it is better to start small. This is the same with learning to live in the moment. You don’t have to significantly change your life. You just need to start out small, such as introducing mindfulness into your routine.

5. Pay attention when carrying out daily tasks

Have you ever noticed you carry out a lot of daily tasks on autopilot? The next time you do something routine such as brushing your teeth, pay attention to what you are doing. How does the toothpaste taste? Listen to the sound of the water as you run the tap too. When you pay attention to daily tasks, you start to realize the beauty in them.

6. Change up your routine

It could be your routine is holding you back from living in the moment. By switching it up, the mind has to focus more on what you are doing.

Daily routines become ingrained within our mind. That’s why we often do things on autopilot. When you start to do things differently, the mind is forced into the present.

7. Start viewing waiting as a good thing

Waiting for something, especially something you’re looking forward to, can be really frustrating. However, rather than viewing waiting as a negative experience, start to see it as a good thing.

The longer you wait for something, the more you’ll appreciate it and enjoy it. In the meantime, there are lots of ways you can be happy in the moment.

8. Smile more

The simple act of smiling can instantly transform your mood. Get into the habit of smiling more often. Think about things that make you happy and watch positive videos. When you smile, it makes you feel happy and content in life.

9. Practice kindness

Practicing kindness is one of the best ways to enjoy life and live in the moment. It shows you there are people struggling right now who could use your help. Volunteering for example, allows you to put your own problems into perspective and appreciate what you have.

10. Redirect wandering thoughts

Finally, one of the best ways to start to enjoy life more is to redirect wandering thoughts. This isn’t easy, but once you master it, you’ll have much better control over your emotions.

As soon as you find your thoughts wandering, bring them back to the present. Focus on the things around you and find something you can see, touch, and hear.

If you follow these 10 tips, you’ll soon start to enjoy life more and live in the moment.

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